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Christchurch 2014 Update

Christchurch 2014 Opportunity Update

These are the simple facts:

          •  Our economy is one of the fastest growing in the developed world.
          •  Average wages have grown 13% over and above inflation over the last five years.
          •  The Government is on track to return to surplus in 2014/15, and then start repaying debt.
          •  Our reforms to the RMA and our housing accords with councils will see more homes built.
          •  Crime is at a 30 year low, with a 17% drop in the past three years alone.
          •  We’ve continued to invest more in health and education, while balancing the books.
          •  We’ve increased superannuation by 25% since 2008.
          •  $3.9 billion of residential and non-residential building consents have been issued in greater Christchurch since 2010

As a direct result of the earthquakes, Christchurch lost 1250 commercial buildings in the central city and 300 commercial buildings outside the CBD. To replace the commercial buildings within a 10 year time frame would require a new building to be opened every three days during this period. Clearly, a monumental undertaking.

Despite the challenges that Christchurch faces however, it is clear that our story is not one of doom and gloom. A unique and exciting opportunity now exists for the future of the city to be shaped with careful consideration and planning - both in terms of choosing how our city looks, and the economic and employment opportunities that will arise as a result of the rebuild process.

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